The Second Time Around: My Must-Have Baby Products After Two Kids


First-time moms, myself included, tend to go a little overboard with all of the baby things that she needs. Then, after a a second one comes along, you really whittle down exactly what it is that you need, want, or what just isn’t useful.

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After having Grant, we moved from Los Angeles back to my hometown of Grand Rapids, so we found ourselves getting rid of a LOT of stuff before the move. Not only did it help me really think about what I liked from Harper, but after we moved, and after having Grant, it made me realize what things I wanted to unpack right away that I didn’t want to live without!


1. The Bob Stroller

Let me first say that I do NOT jog! But I love these strollers. I walked a lot with both babies, and we first bought the BOB Single Stroller used on Facebook Marketplace. But, after having both babies in Grand Rapids, we were a one-car family with the grocery store within walking distance. I needed something heavy duty that could go to the grocery store, fit both babes, and glide like a dream. Enter the BOB Double Stroller. It’s expensive but has been worth every penny if you’re someone who often walks with the kiddos.




2. Dock A Tot

The Dock A Tot is another that I don’t think we could have lived without! It’s so great for little babes to feel all tucked in for naps and sleeping. We put this in the bassinet, the crib, on the floor, on the bed, on the couch, and even on pool loungers by a resort pool.

Please note that Dock A Tot says do not place in the bassinet or crib as a warning for babies rolling over. We used this with a serious swaddle all before the babies could roll over by themselves.




3. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

We did not have this for Harper — we had a cheaper one — and I wish we did! But, it really became a necessity for Grant. Grant had a lot of gas and reflux issues, so sitting up was the best thing. He also went through a really fussy stage of wanting to be bounced. This is amazing because it lets them really bounce themselves once they get going. It also adjusts to 3 different heights and collapses flat for easy transportation.




4. Boppy Nursing Pillow

A must-have for breastfeeding — especially in the hospital. Bring this with you! Breastfeeding is HARD, in case no one told you yet. This helps you hold the baby at boob level so you can focus on breastfeeding with one less thing to worry about.

Then, as they grow, they can use this to sit on, for tummy time, or if you’re Harper, as a large head pillow while watching Moana.




5. Bumbo

This seat is so fun once they start getting head and neck control! We used this for babies so they could “sit” with us during dinner. This was also very fun for Harper to be eye level with the dog and get plenty of licks.




6. Nested Bean Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are great for once your baby starts rolling, or if your baby doesn’t like to have their arms swaddled. For Grant, we got this one with the weighted chest to try to help him sleep through the night and we love it. The snaps at the shoulders also make this the easiest sleep sack to take on and off.




7. Ergo Baby Carrier

I used fabric baby carriers as well as a stiffer one like this Ergo Baby Carrier, but in the end, I’ve always chosen the Ergo over the softer ones. I feel like it’s more secure and I don’t have to try to figure out how to tie myself up in a scarf to hold the baby.




8. Dekor Diaper Pail

Let’s talk stinky poops. Anyone who has had a baby will say that diaper pails tend to smell, but this one does not! I don’t know how, honestly. It also isn’t like a traditional “diaper genie” where it twists between each diaper. It really is just a glorified trash pail. I love that it’s less waste and very easy to empty and replace the bag.

PRO TIP: You can just use regular trash bags with this! So there’s no need to buy multiple items for the babes.




9. A Note On Carseats

When getting ready to have Grant, we knew we’d need a second carseat. So, rather than buying a second newborn carseat when Harper was going to need a larger one soon anyway, we purchased the Graco Deluxe Carseat that grows with them for several years. After getting this for Harper, I wish I had two of these and will probably purchase a second for Grant!

It’s seems much safer and more padded that the newborn one we had, it lasts for years rather than under a year, and the cup holders come in very handy for toddler age.




10. Apple AirPods

A little something for mama!! This may seem like a funny thing to put on a baby must-haves list, but these are truly a lifesaver with littles. If you have to rock your baby late at night, nurse, or WHATEVER it is that your baby needs, it’s nice to have music, a podcast, or Netflix in your ear to keep you company.

The reason I listed the Air Pods over just regular headphones is because when you’re rocking your baby or burping them or getting kicked in the ribs while you nurse, it’s much easier to go cordless. It’s one less item those little chunky hands can get a hold of.

(This goes without saying, but just for legal reasons — make sure you don’t keep your AirPods loose in the house! They are a tiny choking hazard once that baby can move around, so make sure to be responsible.)



The Wrap Up

There are so many other little items I could have linked, but these are for sure my top 10! What things are in your top 3 baby products? Let me know in the comments!

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